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Terms that you may meet when you start the unicorn lifestyle. You may not know that you are looking for a unicorn. These terms are often colloquialisms and not used anywhere else, besides in unicorn, bisexual and threesome dating world.

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Unicorn - What is a unicorn in dating

Unicorn Definition from unicorn urban dictionary:

Synonym for hot bi babe or HBB. A unicorn usually refers to a bisexual woman, who is willing to have a sexual relationship with both the male and female in an existing relationship. Often with the presumption that this person will date and become sexually involved with both members of that couple, and not demand anything or do anything which might cause problems or inconvenience to that couple.


Jack: "I am looking for a girl who is willing to have no strings attached sexual encounters with both my wife and me, but I don’t want her getting all emotional and clingy."

Sarah:" Hey, man, in that case, you are looking for a unicorn."

Jack: "Oh, you know about it, tell me how to find a unicorn."

Sarah:" I will tell you that finding a unicorn woman on Tinder is not a good choice. Try unicorn dating sites, or at least bisexual/threesome dating sites."

Unicorn Hunter


Firstly, what’s unicorn hunting? Unicorn hunting is a polyamorous practice wherein a couple will actively seek unicorns to join their relationship on a temporary basis.

Unicorn hunter is usually a bisexual couple seeking unicorn or HBB. Different from a person who is merely attracted to bisexual poly people. Refers to someone who is seeking "that special third to complete" their family. The couples often believe that a bisexual third will not be jealous.


John and Christ have been married for years. Christ is a bisexual woman and now the couple is looking for a third people to join them sexually. Then John and Christ are unicorn hunters.

Unicorn Triad


Like a bisexual threesome must include a bisexual person. Unicorn Triad is a triad consisting of a couple and a unicorn third. In a unicorn relationship, the couple seeking unicorn to save their relationship. If the unicorn triad doesn’t work, the girlfriend will leave.


John and Christ finally find a unicorn girl and bring her to their home. They will have a unicorn triad tonight in their bedroom.

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